Time to Yell Fire!

Michael Meredith Author and Founder
Michael Meredith Author and Founder

Today’s Heroin Epidemic and Over-Doses are everywhere and it makes one be like it’s Time to Yell Fire! Thousands are dying and hundreds of thousands are trapped in the addiction of a very dangerous drug. Yes, it’s time to yell FIRE! Just say NO to Drugs!

Heroin is cheap and easy to find. It gives a good high, but every time you use it for a hit it takes more of the Heroin to get that high hit, thus you become addicted. Once addicted, it never goes away. Your everyday life style changes to one who is desperate to get another dose. Then one day, you use the drug and “accidently over-dose”.

Professionals, i.e., police, fire, medical, care takers, educators; are all warning society to stop this crazy life-style. It’s not necessary, it’s expensive, and it destroys the Heroin user and addict. It is destroying families, friends, co-workers, professionals, teachers, and the list goes on. It doesn’t care how much money you make or what profession you are. It destroys house wives, and their children and brothers and sisters. Doctor’s, Pastor’s, Priest’s, Lawyer’s, Politicians and every other professional worker fall to become a victim of Heroin. Workers of the trade are often hard hit by addiction.

The US Center of Disease Control (CDC) issues warnings and pleads to our society to stay away from using Heroin. Their website, CDC.gov, has page after page covering Heroin use and abuse. They keep track of and list the frightening statistics of the damage Heroin use causes to our society. The DEA at dea.gov has similar valid, updated information available to the public.

This terrible news is frightening! It is sobering to those who have had experiences in dealing with drug addiction issues and treatment. These can be classified into 5 categories’, user’s, medical, care taker’s, law enforcement, treatment and the user’s family and friends. This tragedy is gaining momentum all across the globe and right now it looks like it is unstoppable.  

It seems like it’s a conspiracy to destroy our modern society. I believe their target market is the youth of our country and around the world. By recruiting the youth they have a long term relationship with the drug user as they progress from the gate way drugs of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and meth into the harder drugs and finally the use of Heroin. The CDC reported that 95% of Heroin users used other drugs before using Heroin.

Well, we all have to wake up! Do you realize, right now they’re coming to take away your children to a place where they won’t be able to sing, dance or play? Soon, they’ll be addicted to demon drugs. What are you going to do about it?

I’ve determined to do something about this terrible situation. Today, right now. I know the chances of saving those who are addicted is slim, but it’s the best option. We have more of a chance if we teach those young people who are still drug free. But what do we teach them and how?

I suggest we teach our kids the good, common sense rules of life. Those good ole Judeo-Christian values and rules we used to live by. Let’s give them guidelines of life they can live safely by. We teach them how and why to make correct choices. We teach them about law and order. We build strong family relationships. We love and honor one another.

I’ve taken my experiences of the past 35 years and used them to create a new program for families to use at home. I call it “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. You can disccover this unique system throughout this website. I suggest you start at this page.

Every family is at risk of falling into the trap of drug use and abuse leading to addiction. It’s time to take charge and protect your family and give them the tools and training to “Just Say No!” and turn away from the situation. Let’s get together and Yell Fire! Just say NO to Drugs! 

I want to contribute directly to the cause and go directly to the “Go Fund Me” web page at this Link.

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