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Michael Meredith Founder, Author, Publisher, International Director

Our Kids Against Drugs Family Network LEGACY PATHWAY is a new way for you to talk with your kids about recreational drug-use and drug-prevention. This NEW, unique program encourages you to hold regular (weekly or bi-weekly), scripted family meetings in your own home.

Included in our LEGACY PATHWAY materials we provide talking points and scripts, visual aids, suggested activities and video training, plus additional internet  resources for you to use in fun, powerful weekly activities for your whole family. In this wonderful, insightful, one-of-a-kind family program you’ll be given scripts which are easy-to-use and shown how-to-talk with your kids about various family issues and topics including drug-prevention.

You’ll be tutored on techniques, facts and information about  topics which are meaningful and helpful and should enable you to empower your family to make correct choices in life’s busy pathway. Of course your children have their own agency to make choices themselves, but as a parent you can teach them correct principles to help them make good choices and  how to govern themselves throughout their life.

To be able to offer this incredible family friendly program we have developed tools and techniques that make it easy, fun, exciting, fulfilling and informative. This enables most everyone a guide to setting reasonable life-time goals for every family member and a place to talk about drug-prevention, and other critical family topics.

Think about this; If you don’t teach your children about drug-prevention and give them regular ongoing support and encouragement to say no to drugs, who else is going to teach them about drugs?

Sadly, you can count on the youthful drug users (their friends) to teach them all of those things that are “cool” about drug use and exert the peer pressure which leads to your child becoming addicted to drugs.

So, it is up to you to talk with your kids about critical family issues such as drug-prevention. We are excited and honored to provide you an easy way to talk with them about drugs and many other critical family topics. A sure way which  makes it interesting, fun and encouraging for your whole family.

Our purpose is to help you strengthen your family relationships empowering your kids of all ages to choose to live and maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Our goal is to build a world-wide Kids Against Drugs Family Network of like-minded individuals and families who want to save their kids from the misery of a life-time of drug addiction.

As we grow, joining us in Kids Against Drugs Family Network will give you insights from all across the world, access to our constantly growing membership and information data bases, video training, webinars, local, regional and national seminars plus opportunities to interact with other members through our various social media networks. Discover more about this exciting new family talking system by going to this link.

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Michael Meredith,
Author and Founder
Kids Against Drugs Family Network, LLC

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You’ll discover a host of information about us and why we are doing this crusade and how you can become a part of this important grassroots movement.

Included are several pages from our current publications for you to get a flavor of what we are offering to our members. You’ll be invited to join us and enroll your family in Kids Against Drugs  Family Network.

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