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BREAKING NEWS about Michael Meredith! HIS “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” e-COURSE is ready to LAUNCH!

 Phoenix, AZ: Michael Meredith (aka Mick) announces his “LIFE’S

Michael Meredith Author and Founder
Michael Meredith Author and Founder

LEGACY PATHWAY” e-COURSE, Module One, is ready to launch. More than 32 years of experiences, training, education and hard work has led him to develop a new, one-of-a-kind program. He believes this unique family friendly program has the potential to empower family bonding and unity plus life-saving training to protect them from the ravages of drug-abuse and addiction.

“LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” e-COURSE, Module One, is basically a digital product set up as an e-Course. This means it’s an educational program to train individuals and/or groups (families) downloaded directly from the Internet. All materials are developed digitally and uploaded to the Internet and wait for a student to download them into their home or office.

E-COURSES are a popular way to deliver educational programs. Those who desire to enroll register, pay an enrollment fee, and are given access to the files. They then can download them into and complete the course right from their own computer. This enables students to complete the course at home or office and at any time of day or night. This is a powerful way to educate and empower families with a truthful, upbeat message.

“LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” e-COURSE is all about spending quality time with your family! Mick and his advisors have identified more than 50 additional topics for discussion. The next Module can be available soon (3-4 months) with 5 additional modules following. The various topics are organized into groups of 9-12 discussions/lessons. Each group of lessons is called a Module.

“LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” e-COURSE is faith based training. We suggest they pray to Heavenly Father at the beginning of each family meeting. We discuss the 10 Commandments, God and Jesus as good examples to follow. We discuss the many different kinds of families today and suggest a family is the best system to participate in. Because of this we are not politically correct.

The current dilemma I face is this: Except for one final edit and a few corrections and updates the Module 1 is ready for up loading to the Internet into the download site.

  1. I have to file for Copyright protection and other costs and legal expenses before launch.
  2. The Web Site ( is almost complete. Most of it is active and available on the Internet. I have to review and edit to complete this and then hook it to a payment processor and gateway. Another expense.
  3. I have been advised to set up a membership site for additional security features handling the digital downloads. In addition, I have to upgrade my hosting to handle the traffic.
  4. I need a minimum of $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) at this time to put this all together.
  5. I have decided to start my Boosters Club now and it’s first project will be to raise money to fund these startup expenses and the marketing and promotional costs to launch all of this. Plus, I need one thousand dollars right away to start these prelaunch startup expenses.

I have set up an account with the Internet based ‘Crowd Funding’ site ‘Go Fund Me’. They are one of the big sites and offer top level security and exposure for the product or cause. This is active now. I’ve actually had this for more than a year but most people wanted to wait until I had a finished product/program and an active marketing features Web Site. I have both requirements now.

‘Go Fund Me’ is easy to work with and low cost to the project owners. They accept most major credit cards and pass the funds less their costs directly into my bank account the next day. There are no fees for you to use ‘Go Fund Me’.

By helping me you’ll become one of my Boosters. Your support helps us put “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” into homes everywhere. Contribute $50.00 or more you will receive Module 1 as a gift.

Thank you for joining me. Mick

My Go Fund Me account Internet address is: