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Mr. Mick, “What’s A Grandma?”
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For several years on the road I could always do some handy man work for several people I knew. One person in Phoenix owned some section 8 housing and she always needed something fixed and was happy whenever I called to … Read More

My First Car
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I was 18 years old living in Boise, Idaho in 1962 and I was finishing High School and pretty much working full time at the local Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. After a while I had a few dollars in savings and … Read More

Be Aware of Exaggerating the Negative About Drug Use!
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Parents should be aware that exaggerating the negative drug effects of drug use leads to loss of credibility of the person (parents, teachers, preachers, etc.) who exaggerates about how bad the stuff (recreational drugs) really is and how bad the … Read More