Opioid Epidemic, Parents have to take action!

Michael Meredith, Author, Publisher

There is an Opioid Epidemic we have to deal with, Parents have to take action! This Opioid Epidemic is spreading everywhere. Right Now as you are reading this more than 100 kids a day in the USA die from Opioid based drugs overdose. Many are “first time users”. These numbers are exploding and more and more are becoming addicted for a life-time to these terrible Opioid substances daily. This Opioid epidemic is spreading here and around the world like wild fire. 

Because of this raging Opioid Epidemic we have chosen to focus our efforts to alert, inform, and instruct families how to protect themselves from this terrible Opioid Epidemic.

We believe “Kids and Drugs don’t mix”. Recreational drugs in this Opioid Epidemic destroy lives and it’s really sad how many young teens are becoming addicted to Opioid based drugs (both natural and synthetic) and many of them die.

Some die even on the first time they use the drug. The Opioid Epidemic is destroying a whole generation and the ones who survive and try to quit using drugs struggle to do so for a lifetime. The Family Unit is the most powerful force to save kids from the tragedy of drug addiction, they just need to be there with them and know how to work a plan that guides them.

Our materials are designed to help families discuss drug prevention techniques and other critical family issues needed to courageously face this Opioid Epidemic. We have created a family friendly talking system consisting of several family centered topics, including family values, acting within boundaries, following rules, counsel, online study resources and other suggestions. Successful families study and discuss this information in their homes using the family meeting setting. The Opioid Epidemic we all have to deal with, now Parents can take action, inside their home! 

This new one-of-a-kind family talking system is a series of digital e-Courses delivered as needed via download directly to your computer. This NEW, powerful e-Course is easy-to-read and will guide you in talking with your kids, about the Opioid Epidemic including drug prevention techniques with other critical family issues. All of this within the privacy and safety of your home. We have discovered many pre-teens and teens enjoy reading this information and they also make great discussion leaders in the family setting. Using this system encourages many family bonding experiences to happen within your family.

It’s titled “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. Currently Module One “How to Talk with Your Kids About Drug Prevention is available and ready to download. More modules which are based on other family issues are being prepared and will be available as they are completed. I’ve listed many of the benefits this program delivers to families at this link:

105+ pages, Module One “Life’s Legacy Pathway”   discussion guide. Family Enrollment Fee $29.95
Legacy Neighborhood Alert e-Magazine – 40 pages -Excellent Supplement to Module One. $9.95
16 page Special Preview “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. FREE!

Module One consists of these three publications and they are available as a combo digital download immediately upon payment of the Family Enrollment Fee.

The introductory Family Enrollment Fee for this unique and powerful Module One combo pack is $29.95. (The Combo Pack includes the Family discussion e-Course and the “Neighborhood Alert” plus the “Special Preview”.  A savings of $9.95 if purchased separately. ) 

Module One Combo Pack digital file is available for download to your computer for a special introductory family enrollment fee of $29.95. Push the Buy Now button below NOW:

Parents talking with their own children in a family meeting at home.
Now isn’t that a novel idea?

If parent’s don’t teach their own children about this important subject then who will? The kid down the street? The friendly teacher? Watching certain kinds of movies which motivate and encourage drug use? Motivated and empowered parents are the key to the success of most drug-prevention programs.

Michael Meredith, Author, Publisher, Founder

I’m announcing the launch of this new and exciting Family Talking System Module One. This unique system is available now for a limited time at a special introductory enrollment fee of $29.95. It is offered exclusively to parents and families along with others who are interested. (Note: If it takes your family 12 weeks to complete all discussions, it breaks down to $2.50 per discussion.) To enroll in “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Module One click on the Buy Now Button below.

As we grow and progress we will develop an expansive digital library of interesting and informative educational and motivational subjects. We’ll notify our subscribers about updates including training videos, webinars and more. For more information about what we are doing, take a look at my Blog.

Learn more about “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System click this link here:

Module One Combo Pack digital file is available for download to your computer for a special introductory family enrollment fee of $29.95. Push the Buy Now button below NOW: (Note if you already enrolled your family above you have no need to enroll again.)

100 page Module 2 of “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. Available soon.

We believe “Families are Forever” and that “Kids and Drugs don’t Mix”. Parents are the most important components in our human society. They conceive and give birth to children and keep society growing. Parents have powerful responsibilities in raising their children to be an important part of our society.

We believe it takes a family at home to raise a child. We are introducing a New Module in the near future called “How to Talk with Your Kids About Family Matters”. This Module 2 digital download will have 7 family discussion guides on more than 100 pages. The family enrollment fee of $29.95 will remain the same as Module One. Our subscribers will be notified when this Module is ready to download.

Please Note: We have set up a “Go Fund Me” account. If you wish to make a contribution to help our crusade you can do so by going to this link: Click Here!


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