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Welcome to Kids Against Drugs Family Network. We are authors and publishers. We have a blog and write digital e-courses about important family issues and provide hands-on help to families in the privacy of their home.

Research, experiences, training, knowledge and an incredible amount of understanding about certain, critical social issues has identified the universal need for an in-home family centered training and motivation system.  This discovery led to a new way to help those parents and their children to a better way to travel life’s legacy pathway.

“How to Talk With Your Kids About Drug Prevention. Family discussions guide book. 85 pages illustrated throughout. The limited time  Introductory  Family Enrollment Fee is $29.95

This new one-of-a-kind family talking system is a digital e-Course delivered via download directly to your computer. This powerful e-Course will guide you in talking with your kids, about critical family issues, within the privacy and safety of your home. It’s titled “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System.

This is a family friendly talking system consisting of several family centered topics of commonsense family values, counsel and suggestions.

These topics are broken into separate Modules. Each Module is an organized series of 6 to 8 family discussions. Module One topic is titled; “How to Talk With Your Kids About Drug Prevention”.

Family members are being taught this information to be armed with a commonsense understanding of what recreational drug use will do to them. They are given solid reasons to stay away from their use.

For example: This knowledge, training and understanding empowers the family member to handle peer pressure by knowing what to say and do.

Kids Against Drugs Family Network, LLC is announcing this new and exciting Family Talking System Module One is available now for a limited time at a special introductory enrollment fee of $29.95. It is offered exclusively to parents and families along with others who are interested. To enroll in “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Module One click on this link here.

Legacy Neighborhood Alert e-Magazine – 40 pages -Excellent Supplement to Module One. $7.95

As we grow and progress we will develop an expansive digital library of interesting and informative educational and motivational materials. We’ll notify our subscribers about updates including training videos, webinars and more. Take a look at my Blog.

Learn more about “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System here: https://www.kidsagainstdrugs.com/legacy-pathway

Become a subscriber of “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System. Module One digital file is available for download to your family enrollment at this link: http://www.kidsagainstdrugs.com/enroll-in-legacy/

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