A New Look for E-Course’s

I did the above first “Legacy” video a few years back. Most of the video is current in what I am now setting out to do. However in this video I describe the digital downloads as if they are presented in the so called “drip system”, (described one lesson at a time as a download, delivered once a week or so).

Original “Family Action Training Plan” 100 page printed book.

Let me give you a little bit of my background. In 2002 I put my thoughts and experiences together and wrote a book with family discussion orientation, teaching outlines, scripts and resources. It is titled “Family Action Training Plan”. I was partly successful in promoting and selling it. However, I wasn’t earning a living doing this as a direct sale. Over the next few years I worked out of my trunk and traveled all across the country demonstrating my “new book” to many groups, churches and others.

Module One - 85 page Discussion Guide - $49.95
105+ pages, Module One “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System e-Course discussion guide. Family Enrollment Fee $79.95

Since then I reworked the contents of the original and have expanded the program, simplified and upgraded it. I changed the name of it. The NEW Name is “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. It is now an expanding system of several e-Courses delivered digitally over the Internet.

I have selected a simpler  “Modular” system instead of the complicated “drip system”.  Each Module contains and combines 6 or more family centered lessons/discussions packaged into one PDF digital download (looks like a book).

While exploring this exciting new way of publishing the system I discovered I could take the original work and expand it into several ‘modules’. Each of these modules could be created on a more specific topic. As I looked into this expansion I discovered several other family friendly topics from which I could build additional modules on into the future.

Module Two Discussion Guide
Module Two Titled – “How to Talk with Your Kids About Family Matters!” 90 page discussion guide. – $79.95

The first topic specific Module is titled: “How to Talk with Your Kids about Drug Prevention”. The second topic specific Module is titled: “How to Talk with Your Kids about Family Matters”. I’ve discovered several other family centered topics on which I am currently doing research and creating outlines.

In the near future I plan to introduce video training and coaching for each topic specific module and each discussion. Each subscriber will be notified of this exciting new addition to our program by email.

I won’t mention future titles or subjects at this writing. The first module is complete and is now ready to download. The second module will be ready soon. Every subscriber will be notified by email of any updates for download at no additional costs.

Each module contains:
  1. Selecting and assigning a Discussion Moderator (parent, and/or child).
  2. Orientation, preparation information, plus introduction family meeting.
  3. Six or more scripted lessons/discussions plus outside family activities or field trips.
  4. Greater focus on subject/topics per lesson/discussion.
  5. More visual aids and assignments of reports for each discussion and/or activity.
  6. Increasing the number of family lesson/discussion meetings.
  7. (Some meeting topics take up to 3 or 4 lessons/discussion times per one hour lesson/discussion.)
  8. More lesson planning, preparation and assigned research/report time.
  9. Family activities, away from home, suggestions as part of the lesson/discussion studies.
  10. Internet and other resource suggestions.

This one of a kind “Family Talking System” is a builder of character and growth for every active participant. For those who are ‘God Fearing and Faithful’ this is a wonderful way to learn about each other and our eternal journey. (People of Faith can include the Scriptures as an active part of this personal and family instruction.)

For those who take videos this is a perfect time to video record each meeting. Video recordings of each discussion, research projects and activities is great for review. Just the opportunity of being together to discuss important family topics in an uncomplicated and friendly manner is a wonderful experience for the whole family!

Some of the Benefits this Family Talking System has for Your Family!
  • Everyone learns and understands the concepts and suggestions presented.
  • Everyone gets a chance to speak and participate.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to lead the discussions.
  • Everyone has assignments for every family meeting. (Research, preparing discussions, treats afterwards, reports, out of home activities, visual aids, videos, photographs, supplies, invite and introduce a guest speaker, such as a police officer, etc.)
  • Everyone has the opportunity to prepare a report to be given in the meeting. (Reports can be used for school assignments.)
  • Everyone gets the opportunity to suggest, plan and participate in topic related family activities.
  • Everyone can invite friends and neighbors over to participate.

More complete benefit list is located at this link. I want to express the incredible value this “New way to Talk with Your Kids about Topic” Family Talking System will be for your family. Strong families build and maintain strong societies and nations.

  • Regular family meetings establish lifetime bonding as a family unit in many ways.
  • The many family friendly centered topics are chosen very carefully just for families.
  • Each topic contains vital and critical information every parent should have.
  • This family program presents the information in a way which is extremely family friendly.
  • It encourages powerful and positive interaction in the parent/child relationship of families.
  • The e-Course is presented in the home or otherwise in a family friendly group setting.
  • Parents experience a great lifelong “feel good feeling” from giving their kids a positive, up-beat, life-time plan of action to guide them when making choices in critical situations.

“Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System is much more than just an e-Course. It’s an incredible plan of action which lasts a lifetime. It’s a guide to an incredible legacy for  individuals and families. It’s generational for those generations to come. Each of these valuable discussions should be reviewed often in family meetings held in the future.

To enroll your family into the “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking system follow this link:

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