A Question About Alanon

Sometime ago a lifetime friend of mine in the Seattle Area where we grew up, contacted me and explained a situation of a friend of his and asked me about drug treatment and Alanon. The following is my answer. I just reread it and decided I would use this as my blog post for today.

Hi Jim, great to hear from you. to answer your question about ALANON.

ALANON is a support group for addicts. It is similiar to Alcohol Anonomus. Addicts go through someones treatment program to dry them out or get them off of the hardstuff, and this treatment takes many forms, which means one way is not necessarilary any better than another way. Treatment can become additictive itself. Of course it is very expensive and time consuming.

After treatment, the addict (once addicted, allways addicted) will be encouraged, advised or court ordered to enroll and stay in a support group such as ALANON. Support often helps them stay clean but sometimes they slip back into using and feeding their addiction. I’ve met people who have been through various treatment programs and go to hundreds of support group meetings and still can’t stay away from drugs.

This is the reason that I am so passionate about up front prevention, because treatment and recovery is very hard on the addict and the core of people around them. Sad stuff drugs are.

Your family member took the cure but refuses to let the cure help her. It’s tough and not easy for her to deal with. Emotional support is never enough so don’t give up on her just use tough love.

Treatment centers will give parents and family members counseling on how to work with your addicit effectively. Pray for guidence. God knows the addicts heart and will guide you in dealing with her. Never give up.

Godspeed in your service to your family member. Patience is indeed a virtue with an addict. Firm but patient. Thanks for asking, call me if you have any questions or just want to talk.

Your ole buddy, Mick

Author: Michael Meredith

Michael Meredith is the Founder and International Director of the Kids Against Drugs Family Network. He is the author and publisher of the “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. In 1982 he created the popular “Identi-Child” personal ID system. He has been developing this family oriented and faith based program since 1982.