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The Kids Against Drugs Family Network, LLC has been created and organized by Michael J. Meredith of Mesa, AZ. He has spent more than 30 years gathering experiences, training, knowledge and an incredible amount of commonsense understanding about certain, critical social issues. He has discovered ramifications on our changing society and especially to families when being adopted and used by individuals and our society. He has developed a keen insight and desire to help those who are suffering from the buffetings of a God less anything goes society and show them a better common sense way to travel life’s pathway.

He set up the first kidsagainstdrugs.com web site in 1996. Over the years as his experiences and training happened the web site grew and changed. In 2012 he suffered a major heart attack and it ‘grounded him’ from traveling. He took the opportunity to really learn and study website development, marketing and social web site product and program sales.

My original 100+ page book, “Family Action Training Plan”

In 2002 he developed and wrote his first book. He titled it “Family Action Training Plan”. It was basically a brief summary of the information he’d been learning during his travels. He chose to set it up into a series of family discussions, held in the home, to talk about important family issues. He traveled the nation in his car talking with groups of all kinds sharing his thoughts and family plan-of-action contained in his new book.

He had a hard time earning enough to pay his way and take care of his family. He decided to change his objective and learned to market it on the Internet.

He wrote, updated, and expanded his original family discussion system and it became what is known as “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. Finally it became a self-contained e-Course which can be download from the Internet to the family at home.

He begins with the basics of a family centered program about families and drug-prevention. His intention is to help family members make good choices when facing certain life changing decisions. This new unique family program is called “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System.

100+ Page “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. Module One Discussion  Materials  Introductory Family Enrollment Fee $79.95

“LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System is an ongoing and expanding educational family program with solid messages that last a lifetime. Each discussion is easy-to-read and understand. Reading and preparing the discussion material parents and kids can take turns leading the discussions.

As it develops he sees having an expansive digital library of interesting and informative educational and motivational materials available to his subscribers. “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System Module 1 digital file is available for subscribing to and downloading here:

This incredible program supports and encourages strengthening family relationships. He envisions attracting subscribers who will use these powerful educational materials and programs within their family meetings and activities. Learn more about “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System here:

Preview Magazine of “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. 16 pages. $4.95

Michael has prepared a short but powerful preview and introduction of the LEGACY PATHWAY in an easy-to-read and understand 16 page magazine format PDF file. So far the feedback He’s receiving is extremely positive, heartwarming and upbeat.

If you haven’t already done so you can purchase and download Your Copy of  “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System digital Magazine Preview by visiting this link.

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