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How it began for Michael (Mick) Meredith, Founder 
Michael J Meredith, Author, Publisher and Founder

In the spring of 1982 there were several kidnappings of little boys in the area where I lived with my wife and family. Nine young boys disappeared forever and needless to say the community was in an uproar. I lived close to where these 9 boys disappeared and my two boys fit the profile of the missing. My wife and I were very concerned and wondered what we could do to protect our sons.

A few weeks later it came to me to develop a booklet requesting identifying information. I was working as an outside salesman at a local print shop. One evening I sat down at the typesetter in the print shop and created a 16 page booklet called “Identi-Child”. This started a movement that quickly spread nation wide and beyond. As far as we can tell, since that time more than 20 million children have been fingerprinted by numerous organizations and many police departments. Fingerprinting of children is still being done as part of personal protection.

Somehow an “Identi-Child” booklet made its way to New Paltz, New York and into the hands of Kristen Brown who was the Director of the organization “Child Find”. In January of 1983 Ms. Brown was a guest on the National TV show “Good Morning America” talking about the ‘big news issue’ of the day; “missing and exploited children”. She was asked by the host if there was anyone in America who had created something parents could use to help protect their children. She responded; “Yes, Michael Meredith in Salt Lake City, Utah has a booklet called ‘Identi-Child’. I have one with me would you like to see it?”

Mick Fingerprinting @ S. Jordan, UT Fair
Mick Fingerprinting @ S. Jordan, UT, County Fair

They reviewed the booklet live on the air and broadcast my phone number and address. I was sitting in my office and the switch board lit up and the receptionist exclaimed, “Mick all these calls are for you!” In an instant my life and the lives of my family changed. Over the next several years I experienced my ’15 seconds’ of fame.

Now (more than 33 years later), many God Fearing societies are rapidly throwing out the good things of a prosperous society; these include the universal freedom of worshiping God our Father in Heaven, a traditional family organization, personal freedom and liberty, freedom of speech and religion. All this and more guaranteed by a commonsense system of the rule of law, and a popular ever growing free enterprise system funding personal and societal growth and development.

With a personal charge and obligation to God, I set out to create quality, credible educational materials that are easy-to-understand and use and are family friendly. This unique educational program is to be used to educate, motivate and empower families to study, play, pray and stay together. The obvious secret to the success of this type of educational program is it’s use within the home including participation of all family members in the family meeting format.

100+ Page Family Discussion Guide.
40 Page “Neighborhood Alert” e-Magazine

I call this expanded and enhanced program “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. I’ve divided the material I’m producing into topic specific Modules. Each module has 6 or more family meeting outlines and discussion scripts. The first module is named “How to Talk with Your Kids About Drug Prevention.” This module is ready today for enrollment and instant download. You can discover this unique educational system at this link.

I need your help as this is a big opportunity to cover the earth with this information through the Internet. Basically, I’m asking you to hold family meetings in your own home using our “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY”  Family Talking System  and share this information with your siblings, friends in the neighborhood and those on the Internet. It’s fun and interesting to the whole family and easy-to-do. To discover how to join us and protect your family.