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Michael Meredith Author and Founder

The following video illustrates the necessity for you to use our one-of-a-kind ‘Family Talking System’. It is very interesting and well done. This is live action and the interviews of different addicts and their experiences just staying alive is an eye opener that must not be missed. Holding such discussions with your family will help you talk about drug use and avoidance, plus which choices to make and stay drug free in your home.

American Addiction, BBC News America

Michael Meredith, Author, Publisher, Founder Kids Against Drugs Family Network

BBC Story at-a-glance: (Warning, there are some graphic scenes)
“More Americans now use prescription opioids than smoke cigarettes. Substance abuse has also eclipsed cancer in terms of prevalence, and costs the U.S. more than the treatment of diabetes
Opiates such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl and morphine are killing more Americans than car crashes, claiming the lives of more than 49,700 Americans in 2014
In 2015, 27 million Americans used illegal drugs and/or misused prescription drugs, and nearly one-quarter of all adolescents and adults reported binge drinking in the previous month”

By Michael Meredith

This incredible ‘You Tube’ News Story Video illustrates the situation we are all facing with our families and especially our children. I highly recommend everyone should watch this incredible video. (Warning there are some graphic scenes in the first minute) Today there are more than 60,000 Meth and Opioid overdose deaths per year in our nation. That’s more than all of the auto accident deaths per year.

Parents need to be on the alert about this terrible situation we are facing. In the USA it is estimated hundreds of kids become first time drug users everyday. They eventually become addicted to drug use and many die. There are thousands of drug treatment programs available to addicts. These are there to help them cope and hopefully overcome addiction.