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Michael Meredith Author and Founder
Michael Meredith Author and Founder

Welcome to my Blog named “Mick’s News and Views” Empowering Families. This is where I express my opinions and report on the news round and about giving my views.

I’ve spent more than 30 years discovering my own Legacy Pathway. I’ve had hundreds of useful experiences which have educated me about the marvels of everyday life.

Module One, titled “How to Talk with Your Kids About Drug Prevention”. 105+ illustrated pages, Special introductory Family enrollment Fee of $34.95

I’ve been mentored by some incredible professionals. These have been wonderful experiences and training in the field of Family studies, counsel and cultures. These professionals have become friends of mine. They have wholeheartedly encouraged me in my endeavors. They have been a big help to me while preparing the e-Course “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System.

My printing and publishing background has prepared me for reporting on life’s daily activities. I shall report through this blog many insights I have had. These include many activities and personal experiences. I look for those which relate to family values and circumstances. I will report my News and Views discussing how they relate to “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System and your family.

You can be assured that my intentions are to empower parents in talking with their children. I believe  the parent and child relationship is the most powerful relationship for mankind. The ideal setting is the traditional family of father and mother with their children.

Today’s society is drifting away from this traditional arrangement so I have developed the e-Course “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System discussion materials to work well with any organization of adults and children. Our conversations here at the News and Views Post will be accommodating to these modifications.

I’m excited to introduce this Blog to the world. My Declaration is to “Get this program to as many homes as I am capable.”Please click on the Menu to the side here to access the latest blog post. You are welcome to check out the archives of past posts. I look forward to your participation and comments.

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“Mick’s News and Views”

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