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Michael J Meredith, Author, Publisher and Founder

 Welcome to our boosters page. This page is currently under
construction and will be available soon. In the mean time
take a look at our introduction summary below.


105+ pages, Module One e-Course discussion guide. Family Enrollment Fee $29.95
40 Page e-Magazine Module One Supplement. Family enrollment fee of $9.95
16 Page e-Special Preview Booklet. FREE!

Objective: Supporting families  to choose to live drug-free life-styles. Providing the e-Course “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System programs and materials directly and/or to sponsoring groups, youth organizations, churches, businesses and individual families.

These Booster projects can be held locally, state-wide, regional, national and international. The sponsor can sponsor digital products and/or printed products.

All though the Booster program is not yet completed you can enroll into the Module One e-Course to explore and study the system for yourself by clicking on this link below. Illustrated here the three publication Module One Combo Pack family enrollment fee is $29.95. A savings of $9.95 if purchased separately.

I would recommend you enroll into the program and discover the system for yourself. Upon enrollment you’ll receive the link to your digital download. You can enroll and receive your link by clicking the “Buy Now button below. 

Boosters can be individuals, family groups, church and youth groups, service clubs and organizations, businesses large and small and more.

Boosters have the exciting opportunity now to help us get through start-up process on to the pre-launch and then to the Launch of this outstanding NEW WAY to talk with kids about drug-prevention and other critical family subjects. You will be excited to be a part of this outstanding program to help kids and their families bond together in a good worthwhile program to help them make correct choices. We have already had numerous inquiries from around the world so timing is critical to get up and running.

This is a great project for businesses to sponsor their employees into.

I am adding other qualified writers and researchers to help me put this all together. In addition I am adding a tech staff to handle computers, communications and Internet.

More to come soon, very soon, keep checking on us or if you would like to be notified when it’s ready please leave your email and other contact information in the contact form below.

Michael Meredith, Author, Publisher, Founder

I’ve set up a Go Fund Me account. This enables you to support my efforts directly and in the amount you wish to support the project. To go to my account at Go Fund Me click this link.

Notice: No government grants are accepted by Kids Against Drugs Family Network, LLC. We are not politically correct and accept God and Jesus Christ into our business operations. We have to set the example that we can do this without the governments grants and takeover moves. Your support is needed and appreciated.

(Soon we’ll have package deals for groups. Give us your name and email address to be notified)

Thank You for stopping by and may God Bless You and Yours: Michael J. Meredith

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