Michael Meredith, Author, Publisher, Founder

Congratulations! Thank you for enrolling into our e-Course.

The e-Course you have enrolled into is titled “How to Talk with Your Kids About Drug-Prevention.” This 100+ pages digital guide book contains information and outline for more than 6 family discussions. Each family discussion should last no more than one hour. However, we have found it is often necessary to use more than one evening for each discussion.

Each discussion contains orientation to the subject, script you can use to lead the discussion, or use it to guide you to develop your own outline for the discussion. It contains visual aids and references where you can find more of them on the Internet.

16 Page Special Preview digital e-Booklet.

This module’s purpose is to present up to date information coupled with common sense strategies of the ages. This is designed to help you have great family discussions where everyone is involved. The information is easy-to-read and actually is a great read to sit down to. We have noticed teens love to read and study it also. We suggest you assign your teens (10 years old plus can do this) to study and lead the family discussions.

You can even introduce and encourage participation in this family talking system to family, friends and neighbors. Invite them to join you in you family meeting and participate in group discussions. We found it is best to ask them to enroll their own family into the program so they have their own materials for guidance and study.

Module One Family Discussion Guide 100+ pages.

This is Module One of our “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. In the future we will be adding other family topic centered Modules as developed into our format. We have identified more than 20 additional family oriented topics we hope to develop into Modules. We will notify you as they become ready.

Neighborhood Alert 40 page e-magazine. A great supplement.

In addition, we have included in our combo packs the “Legacy 1” edition of our “Neighborhood Alert” digital magazine. The information it contains makes this a valuable supplement to Module One.

This interesting magazine is a wonderful read for parents and teens. It is illustrated throughout. It’s easy-to-read and informative.

To help us spread the word we ask you to share this wonderful home study system to your friends, neighbors, club members, church members and any others you know personally and of course to your Social Networks. We included the share buttons below and above.

Thank you for joining us in this incredible mission to save families from the terrors of drug use and addiction. As you go through the program you’ll discover many interesting things about your own family. It’s a GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Michael J Meredith,
Author, Publisher, Founder
Kids Against Drugs Family Network, LLC

Please Note: Sharing this site and the “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System is important to us as we don’t accept any government funding to support and manage this valuable home study e-course. We fund all expenses and such by enrollment and sponsoring fees. We hope to keep it so we can develop additional modules, video’s and other valuable programs for our subscribers. We thank you for your participation and for sharing it with your friends and family.

Respectfully, Mick