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Michael Meredith Author and Founder
Michael Meredith Author and Founder

That’s right, I’ve put this page into the web site Just-4-You! I believe everyone wants to know, “When I enroll in the e-Course “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System, what’s it going to do for me?” So I thought I better create a special page containing the listing of the many benefits and features  for you and your family.

“Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System, e-Course has so many positive, empowering things to offer families (see below) who join and use the system. Its commonsense simplicity makes it easy-to-use and read. Even kids and teens can sit and read through the discussion materials easily. (They make great discussion leaders in your family meetings.) Plus, it’s actually a good read.

The information in this easy-to-use e-Course is for parents, grandparents, childcare providers, Pastors and all those who care about a powerful, positive future for our kids and grandkids. (Soon we’ll have package deals for groups. Give us your name and email address to be notified)

Some Benefits and Features of
“LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System

100+ pages, Module One “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System e-Course discussion guide. Family Enrollment Fee $29.95

First, let me describe “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System.

  • It’s family friendly and easy to read.
  • Our topics are based on the “How To” theme.
  • It’s Judeo and Christian faith based information.
  • It’s actually an interesting and informative read.
  • It is made available as a digital e-Course which means it’s an instant digital download following enrollment.

We have put together a series of family discussion topics and packaged them into separate topic centered family discussion modules. The first Module is very timely, “How to Talk With Your Kids About Drug Prevention”.

We recommend holding these family meetings for one hour or so, once-a-week. These and many other benefits and features are included throughout the entire system of its several modules.

We have identified 22 topics we can develop these discussions around. Of course each topic specific module would contain 6 or more discussions plus resources, illustrations, study and reporting suggestions.

The first module, “How to Talk With Your Kids About Drug Prevention”,  is ready to download now and module two, “How to Talk with Your Kids About Family Matters”, is almost finished (Soon). Modules 3 and 4 are in the works and should also be ready in early 2018. As we grow and add staff, production and support will increase.

“Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System, Module Two, e-Course is Illustrated throughout, Introductory Family Enrollment FEE $29.95

In practice, we are finding many Family Meetings take more time than we planned. This means good conversations were developed and most everyone present enjoyed the experiences created in their family meetings and studies. Many of these family and group discussions create topics for special reports for those who participate in future discussions at home and even in school.

Because going through these discussion materials, assignments and reports are taking more time than we expected, we recommend family meetings take as many evenings as needed to get through the discussion materials. Therefore each family meeting could stretch out another week or two. With 6 or more discussions in each topic module each could go for 14 or more weeks.

Neighborhood Alert Magazine. A supplement to Module 1 of “Life’s Legacy Pathway”. It contains articles, photo’s, dialogue of discussions and much more on 40 pages. Instant Digital Download – $9.95

We anticipate adding and including website support. This support will be in the form of videos, webinars, seminars, supplementary materials, such as the “Neighborhood Alert” magazine, as future downloads with others. I go into more detail in other areas of the kidsagainstdrugs.com website.

Our “New Neighborhood Alert” 40 page digital magazine is a great addition to Module One studies. It is truly an incredible supplement and is easily adapted into family meeting scripts in the program. Most teens enjoy reading the magazine. It’s a great resource for research reports at home or for school. One or more topic specific “Neighbor Hood Alert” for each Module will be developed as we grow. Today, the first digital “Neighborhood Alert” is available separately as a digital download for $9.95.

Good things happen to families using the e-Course “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family talking System, in their homes. A good family meeting time is a powerful way to spend real  “Quality Family Time” together. It provides outstanding and wonderful lifetime bonding and many additional benefits for the whole family.

I believe those families who have meaningful family discussions, works, studies and prays together, bonds, builds love and has compassion for each other, stays together forever.  

Our Unique Benefits and features are what makes this system so great. They are Why the e-Course  “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System, works Just for YOU!
For the Family:
  • Opens and develops parent-child communication channels.
  • Learns about each other and bonds together.
  • Spends more time together; enjoys each others company.
  • Has a fun, worthwhile activity on a regular basis.
  • Takes its lifestyle to the next or an even higher level.
  • Develops an action plan of protection from peddlers of drugs and other evils.
  • Has a fun, good time with the whole family.
For the Parents:
  • Develop communication techniques in talking with their children.
  • Get to know and love their kids, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Spend time reading to the younger children.
  • Spend interesting one-on-one time with your kids, doing homework and accomplishing everyday tasks.
  • Develop parenting skills that help your individual relationships with each family member including your spouse.
  • Have a smoother running household and develops delegation skills.
  • Expand their love for each family member.
  • Bond with other family members.
  • Has a fun, good, worthwhile Quality time with the kids.
For the Children:
  • Have fun with the whole family!
  • Enhance their feelings of self-worth and a sense of belonging to a real family.
  • Get to know and love the parents, who they really are and their personalities.
  • Learn study skills, hobbies and other interesting things to do.
  • Regularly spend lots of time with mom and/or dad one-on-one.
  • Give and feel real love from other family members.
  • They learn what to say, why to say it and how to say “no” to the peer pressure to use drugs and participate in other evils.

I have written a couple of Blogs and they are posted in the archives. These two interesting and true stories are about real people I have met along the way. They illustrate the powerful interest in this critical, timely information every parent should have and use in their family. I know you’ll enjoy both of these blog posts. One is titled “Mr. Mick, What’s a grandma?” and the other is “They Shall See”.

Enroll your family into “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System today and get started talking with your kids about drug prevention techniques for your family members.


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