Launching Life’s Legacy Pathway.

Michael Meredith Author and Founder

Launching Life’s Legacy Pathway has not been easy for me to do. I learned new skills, how to write, how to do research and how to speak. This has been a life-time-of-education for me. I’m grateful for all of the experiences I have had and for the many interesting people I met along the way.

For many years I was on the road meeting with people and organizations about the breakdown of the traditional family unit, the Opioid epidemic and other drug use and addiction issues. These experiences and education led me to create a new, unique, one of a kind Family at home e-Course. I call it “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. 

100 page “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. This is an easy-to-use powerful discussion guide for $79.95

This program is centered around regular family meetings. These meetings are held at home discussing various basic family topics. Each topic is presented in its own multi-discussion Module. If applied to their lives everyone in the family should benefit in many ways both personally and as a family. I have listed many of these benefits on my web site at this link:

These modules are presented as an e-Course to be downloaded from a location on the Internet directly into the home computer.

100 page “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. Module Two discussion guide for $79.95

I have set the e-Course price for the whole family to participate at $79.95 per family, per module. It takes about 6 to 10 weeks, one night per week to complete the course. (about $13.25 per family discussion)

The topic of the first Module is “How to talk with Your Kids About Drug Prevention” and is ready for immediate download. Other topics will be ready soon. The next Module being “How to Talk with Your Kids about Family Matters”. The third one is about “Family Personal Safety.” I have identified several other “How to Talk” family related topics I would like to create Modules about.

It’s time to really launch and everything is ready for launch so I’m turning to you for help to further my mission to save and restore traditional family organizations as the foundation of our society.

This timely and important message needs to be spread to all those who will use it in their own homes. Basically, I am funding this launch activity with the enrollment subscriptions of our unique family meeting digital e-Course. Please enroll your family today. I believe you will be glad you did enroll.

I thank you very much for reading my message and acting to help me launch and expand this important mission to save families across the nation and around the world.

Michael J. Meredith
Author, Publisher, Founder

Author: Michael Meredith

Michael Meredith is the Founder and International Director of the Kids Against Drugs Family Network. He is the author and publisher of the “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. In 1982 he created the popular “Identi-Child” personal ID system. He has been developing this family oriented and faith based program since 1982.