Michael Meredith Author and Founder
Michael Meredith Author and Founder


Feb. 29, 2016I just finished reading through the “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” e-Course, Module 1. It was a very interesting experience for me. My emotions are up and down and way around any normal feelings. This has been a major life-time project for me. To have completed it is wonderful. To examine the finished manuscript and grasp the magnitude of the whole program merits a big WOW!

100+ pages, Module One Family Talking System e-Course discussion guide. Family Enrollment Fee $79.95

As I sit and ponder this I’ve had many thoughts run through my mind. I have spent several years traveling the roads and meeting with hundreds, even thousands of people one-on-one and in groups both large and small.

Along the way I have attended numerous workshops, seminars and worked with many professionals about drug addiction, treatment and support. I’ve help draft legislation in several US states and in a few foreign countries.

I learned many lessons of life from these and other experiences. From these experiences I have witnessed the dramatic collapse of the traditional family, the eviction of God from our society, and the fall of Constitutional rule of law, leading to our powerful and commonsense Constitution being set aside, spit upon and thrown out, almost becoming extinct.

Slowly I came to the realization my life’s purpose is to be part of the movement to save the world from this wickedness and chaos spreading the land. I was able to visualize how I could be part of the massive movement rising up to take back the free society which was lost and restore individual liberty, rights, values, belief in God and traditional families.

I decided to narrow my focus to restoring and empowering families. I came up with several family centered topics which face every family every day. Finally I decided to start with drug-prevention. This led to many flyers, booklets, stickers, and other promotional material. I then began writing little publications with Tips and Suggestions and so on.

Michael Meredith, Author, Publisher, Founder

The original concept of this e-Course was to research, create and develop a handbook. This grew into several handbooks. Then along came the power of the Internet and the ability to distribute information electronically. This trend has evolved into people enrolling into e-Courses and has become a multiple Billion Dollar business category. For me I have decided to create and develop my research and writings encouraging the survival of family organizations. Yes, Moms and Dads do count!

I have designed a series of e-Courses and called this series “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System. This is a series of ‘family meeting discussions’ delivered digitally to the subscribers e-mail address. I have divided this series into topic specific groups of 9 to 12 family meetings each. I call these groups Modules. Module 1 is the first of 5 or 6 more modules to be released as they are ready.

Sitting here this morning has been a powerful experience for me. The magnitude of the information contained in this first Module is enormous. Its written word can change lives, individually and in whole family participation. I believe this impact will spread digitally throughout neighborhoods, communities and nations. It will be carried into the future impacting people for many generations to come.

You have the opportunity to make powerful positive changes in your family relationships by holding ‘quality time’ family meetings in the safety of your home. The “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” e-Course is an incredible series of guidebooks to escort you on your journey of discovery. It’s time NOW for you to begin.

Join Us. You can enroll your family into our New e-Course today by going to this link here:

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Author: Michael Meredith

Michael Meredith is the Founder and International Director of the Kids Against Drugs Family Network. He is the author and publisher of the “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. In 1982 he created the popular “Identi-Child” personal ID system. He has been developing this family oriented and faith based program since 1982.