Mr. Mick, “What’s A Grandma?”

Mr. Mick, “What’s A Grandma?”

One of the most interesting questions I’ve been asked was; “Mr. Mick, What’s A Grandma?” I was astonished. I’ll explain how this wonderful question and the door it opened to change a small family’s life came about.

Mick at Spirit Lake, UT
Michael Meredith at Spirit Lake, Utah

For several years on the road I could always do some handy man work for several people I knew. One person in Phoenix owned some section 8 housing and she always needed something fixed and was happy whenever I called to ask her for some jobs.

There was one time in 2003 the experience was very different. I had been to this home several times over the previous year and was replacing light fixtures in the kitchen on this visit. The tenet (we’ll call her Carol) was watching me do my job and asked me a question.

She asked, “Mr. Mick, you’re not really a handy man are you?”

I answered, “No, I’m not, I just do this part-time to earn a little extra money.”

She said, “I thought so, you look better than a grubby ole handy man.”

I was surprised and thanked her for the compliment. I told her I knew several handymen who were very skilled at it and make a very good living doing odd jobs.

She was surprised and asked me, “What do you really do for a job?”

I told her I used to be in marketing and selling RV trucks and trailers up in Washington State. I then said, “Now I write and sell books and other publications which I write.”

She was pleased and asked, “What do you write books about?”

Old KAD Family Action Training Plan Cover 2015
Original Family Action Training Plan 2002. 120 Pages

I told her, “I write books parents can use to have family discussions with their children.” I went on to explain, “I have just finished my first book parents can use to talk about drug-prevention with their kids.” I then said, “I’ve got a copy out in my car would you like to see it?”

She was very excited and exclaimed, “Yes, I would!”

I said, “Let me finish installing this last fixture and I’ll run out and get it.”

She agreed and I finished up and went out and brought back the book.

She called her two young boys into the kitchen to ‘see Mr. Mick’s New Book.’

I had met these young boys before (Jake age 9 and Josh a couple of years younger).

We all sat around the table and they crowded up so they could see. I started thumbing through the book showing them the different discussion out lines. Throughout the demonstration I explained how and why it all worked. They had questions and we just evolved into a family meeting. They were learning how to hold a good, interesting and informative family meeting.

“Mr. Mick, What’s a Grandma?”

The first formal family discussion is set up to discuss the family organization so family members can discover their relationship to parents and two generations of grandparents. I explained it’s important to discover this information to find out who you really are and where you fit in.

As I was demonstrating were we put grandma’s name and grandpa’s name on the chart young Jake (age 9) asked me, ‘Mr. Mick, “What’s a Grandma?”’

I was astonished! I didn’t know what to say to this young man’s sincere question. I looked at his mother and asked her, “Carol, haven’t you told them about their grandmother?”

She answered, “Well, I was going too.”

I asked her if it was all right we talk about this important issue. She said it would be all right.

To keep the story brief I’ll just explain what happened. The two boys had no idea they had a father and who he was. They had never heard about grandmothers before but had heard the term ‘nana’ and just thought this was an old lady who took care of children.

Cheryl explained that she had left her family many years ago after a big argument and had not heard from them or even tried to contact them. She explained she didn’t want to bring up old memories and feelings but knew she would have to tell the boys sometime.

I asked if she believed in God and taken the boys to church. She told us she believed in God and explained she was going to take them to church one of these days. The boys had never heard of God and didn’t know who he was or how human beings ever showed up and started.

I spent some time with them and explained the Bible story of Adam and Eve and how it all started by God. We talked about her family and I suggested she call her mother or sister right away.

A couple of weeks later Carol called the lady who I did these handyman jobs for and told her she and the boys were moving to Louisiana to live with her mom. She told Linda how excited she and the boys were and to tell Mr. Mick thank you for the book. They are on the third discussion and are going to start all over again when they get to Louisiana.

I discovered several of life’s lessons from this incredible experience.

  1. In today’s modern age of communication there are people among us who don’t know any of the basics because they haven’t been taught.
  2. When these people discover the truth they have an incredible thirst for all of the truth they can find.
  3. My system works with anyone who can read or who has someone read to them.
  4. My desire is to help everyone discover the truth about all things important to humanity.

This experience was a great opportunity to be able to share the Kids against Drugs “LEGACY PATHWAY” materials. All because a young boy asked the question, ‘Mr. Mick, “What’s A Grandma?”‘

Module One Discussion Guide of “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. Family Enrollment Fee – $79.95

Since this experience we have expanded the basic book I showed to them into several digital publications including several more discussions and supplementary materials. From this basic material and information we have created the Life’s Legacy Pathway Family Talking System to help people understand life’s wonderful family oriented system of living.

You can discover more about our exciting new way to talk with kids about drug-prevention and other important family issues in the privacy of your own home with “LIFE’S LEGACY PATHWAY” Family Talking System e-Course by going to this link.

Sincerely, Michael J. Meredith

Author: Michael Meredith

Michael Meredith is the Founder and International Director of the Kids Against Drugs Family Network. He is the author and publisher of the “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. In 1982 he created the popular “Identi-Child” personal ID system. He has been developing this family oriented and faith based program since 1982.