Legacy Neighborhood Alert!

Legacy Neighborhood Alert is Fantastic!

New Neighborhood Alert Digital Magazine 40 pages – Illustrated throughout – Articles and Resources – $9.95

“Legacy Neighborhood Alert” is a valuable supplement to the e-Course “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. It was intended to be a brief overview of the program. Some how it became an incredible supplement to “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System, Module One, titled “How To Talk With Your Kids About Drug Prevention”.

Parents will find this 40 page informative magazine full of interesting stories, articles, illustrations, and tips. The full color photo’s of the drug addicts before and after adiction are spell binding. The ‘Feature Article’ titled “10 Easy Things Parents Can Do to Keep Kids Off of Drugs” is included. These are just a few of the various topics parents can use as support in their family discussions.

It is presented with 40 pages as a magazine. It contains articles, illustrations throughout, information about drugs, resources on the web, and much more. It makes simple commonsense and appeals to most parents. Kids and Teens find it very interesting and easy-to-read.

Legacy Neighborhood Alert” is a MUST READ!
We have discovered that Kids like reading this e-magazine!
Michael Meredith, Author, Publisher and Founder

Our goal is to touch the heart and encourage all people to make good choices along life’s pathway. We give suggestions how to design your pathway. We try not to be preachy in our writing. We do encourage a belief in God. Our information and message is Judeo-Christian faith-based. In the discussions we encourage praying often for daily guidance in all things to Heavenly Father.

The Neighborhood Alert “Legacy Neighborhood Alert” is easy-to-read, interesting and informative. It’s family friendly and written to be used in the home. Teens and parents find it interesting. It’s a valuable resource to have on hand for family discussions. Many who have read this publication have made the comment “this should be in every home”.

This edition of the Neighborhood Alert is the first of several topic centered issues being developed. The next issue should be available in the spring of 2018 more will be available as they are produced.

For a limited time only the “Legacy Neighborhood Alert” e-Magazine download is being automatically included  as a supplement to the e-Course titled “How To Talk With Your Kids About Drug Prevention”, Module One of “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. This combo is available at this link here.

To discover more about my life’s journey to develop and produce “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System go to this link.

If you would like to get a copy of the e-Magazine “Legacy Neighborhood Alert” download separately for your personal review, it is offered as an  individual publication digital download for the enrollment fee of $9.95. Press the buy button below.

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