Opioid and Meth Epidemics

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Today the world is in total chaos concerning several subjects. These include but are not limited to politics, talk of war, sex predators, and the list goes on and on. The terrifying “Opioid and Meth Epidemics” have fallen into the background and silently are growing stronger and stronger.

Worldwide everyday thousands of lives are being lost to drug use and addiction. The latest numbers indicate this epidemic is out-of-control. In 2016 it was reported more deaths occur from Opioid and Meth overdoses than the number of deaths by automobile wrecks.

Addicts can’t hold a job. They find school studies difficult and often drop out. Marriages, “Relationships” and families are being destroyed by drug use and addiction. Babies are being born addicted to drugs the pregnant mother was using. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome lasts a lifetime and these children have a hard time throughout their lives.

Seniors are experiencing addiction to these terrible Opioid drugs given to control the pain they have from various ‘old age’ issues and diseases. Everyday it’s alarming many seniors when they learn they became addicted to these substances just by using them a few times following surgery.

A few years ago, Barbara Theodosia started a Facebook Group called the “Addicts Mom” to give the “Moms of Addicts” a place of support and encouragement. Today, this group membership has grown to more than 30,000 “Moms of Addicts” and has been the place where moms can vent and share experiences, show and be shown support to thousands of other “Moms of Addicts” in the same horrifying situation. I personally believe “Addicts Mom” is the ultimate support group based on the Internet.

I joined this group when it had just a few thousand Mom’s as members. This has been a life changing experience for me. I have participated, supported, encouraged and commented a few times but mostly I just read the posts and cry.

Every day moms announce the death of their child and 30,000+ mom’s react by crying and jumping into praying for, supporting and encouraging faith in God and enduring through this painful time.

It was an incredible experience when Barbara, the group founder, announced the death of her son to the group. I can’t explain the pain everyone was feeling. I still cry when remembering this sad event.

Drug use and abuse is not new. History shows that every generation of mankind has had issues dealing with some form of drug use. Books have been written about the perils and consequences of the use of addicting substances. Today the “Opioid and Meth Epidemics” are world-wide crisis’ and they are growing faster and faster.

Michael Meredith Author and Founder

I discovered my life’s mission in 1982 when I published a booklet called “Identi-Child”. This became popular and in January 1983, unknown to me, it was shown on the morning TV show “Good Morning America”.

From that exposure I became a “one-minute celebrity”. Since that time I have spent my life gaining experience, contacts, knowledge and training about missing and exploited children, marriage and family issues, divorce, drug addiction treatment and many other social issues. (More details can be found on my Web Site)

The issue that grabbed my attention was the disappearance of the traditional family organization. To me this is tragic. Families are the fabric and core of our society and culture. It was around the family unit that our Nation, Religion and Society was built.

I believe with the disappearance of the traditional family unit chaos will come to rule. The “Rule of Law” will disappear. Addiction plays into this by destroying the family. As this unfolds we will sink into a “What’s in it for me?” society. All this is already happening.

More than 30 years ago I decided to focus on the family, its growth and preservation. Today I have completed the foundation of my program and am in the process of letting the world know about it. I call it “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. It’s a 12-week, home study digital e-Course for the family. Soon to be available in print.

100 page “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. This is an easy-to-use powerful discussion guide for $79.95

My system is primarily set up for holding family meetings in the home. It also works well in small groups and can be adapted to the class room environment in Churches and Clubs. The various e-Courses require a subscription fee.

The first module of this one-of-a-kind 12-week  family e-Course is titled “How to Talk with Your Kids about Drug Prevention.” It’s available now. Its focus is drug prevention and zeros in on ways to handle the “Opioid and Meth Epidemics”.

The second Module is titled, “How to Talk with Your Kids about Family Matters”. It will be available soon. It zeros in on the value and safety of  families. It addresses and is friendly to traditional and other family types such as single parent families and alternative life-style families. Its focus is being a family.

We’ll soon have additional Modules with many family oriented topics available digitally and followed by printed editions. We are migrating to a membership program and a “Facebook” Group set up.

I’m in the process of organizing an Internet based family network. I call it “Kids Against Drugs Family Network”. All subscribers to our e-Courses will be kept aware of our activities via our new, coming soon newsletter.

You’re invited to join us and participate in our mission to preserve and encourage traditional and other family lifestyles. You’ll be empowering and encouraging your kids to make good life-style choices such as “Choose to Live Drug-Free”.

The “Opioid and Meth Epidemics” can literally destroy our Judeao-Christian family life-style and our society if we let it continue the way it is growing and expanding. I can assure you legislation is not going to stop it.

Strong God Fearing Judeao-Christian Families overcame all sorts of adversity and set up our incredible Nation. A return to those commonsense values and standards can save it. Praise be to God! Come and Join Us. You’ll be glad you did.

Michael J. Meredith, Author, Publisher, Founder

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Note: If you’d like to support our mission I’ve set up a Go Fund Me Account
at: http://www.gofundme.com/be-drug-free-2 Thank you for your support. Michael Meredith, Founder.

Author: Michael Meredith

Michael Meredith is the Founder and International Director of the Kids Against Drugs Family Network. He is the author and publisher of the “Life’s Legacy Pathway” Family Talking System. In 1982 he created the popular “Identi-Child” personal ID system. He has been developing this family oriented and faith based program since 1982.