Wisdom of the Common Man:

“It’s Time to Take a Stand!”

Michael Meredith Author, Publisher, Founder

America was settled by people who were escaping tyranny and oppression. The issue was to establish freedom to live and worship as they believed.

In this “New World” men and women married, had children and worked together as teams to establish homes, churches, communities and later a nation. The young individual colonies was organized by people believing they were inspired by God who gave their citizen’s individual rights and freedoms.

To ensure their collective freedom across the land, they established commonsense and traditional individual rights and values. They created an inspired Constitution. With the rule of law they created, the nation flourished and grew to become the greatest society to ever inhabit the earth.

For the first time in history and for hundreds of years, living within this framework of liberty and freedom, families worked and played together. Typically, the traditional family consisted of a married man and woman with their children. These family organizations bonded together with family bonds lasting generations.

Financial strength was developed using a “free enterprise” economy. The personal incentive of being paid for your efforts and work thrived and many enjoyed financial prosperity. Ultimately the wealth of the nation became solid and secure through this marvelous system of “free enterprise”.

Under this system of constitutional government men and women were guaranteed the right to worship as they please and many different religions were established across the land. New, inspired religions were formed and many thrived. Since the beginning it has been the common practice in this nation of families praying together and individually. They pray over their family welfare and safety, blessing of food and work, and for the safety and welfare of neighbors, friends, communities and of course the nation.

This traditional system of society, the married man and woman with a God-fearing family was the core of our American society from the beginning. Virtually every group of people from every land who immigrated to the American continent was organized and continued through the generations as a traditional family. The African’s who were brought here against their wills were organized as families. Later, when they were sold as slaves they organized themselves into traditional families.

So, let me ask, if you wanted to destroy such a wonderful and great society what would you do? Yes, you would first seek to destroy the core, break up the team . . . destroy that strong traditional God-fearing family unit, their traditions, values and beliefs.
Today there is a great battle going on between those who want to preserve and protect the traditional family with the God given freedoms and liberties our forefathers and mothers fought so hard to establish; . . . and those self-serving, power hungry, free-living so called progressive elites who confuse, mislead and want to destroy our God inspired society.

It’s a battle to control the minds and energies of the masses with cleaver, subtle and confusing misinformation.

It’s a battle to preserve our traditions, history, government and commerce as we have had it.

It’s a battle to preserve law and order and our constitutional foundation.

It’s a battle to preserve the right to love, teach and endow our own children with traditional core family values, lifestyles and beliefs.

It’s a mighty battle to save our individual freedom, liberty and our God centered; family love and values based core, and the American way.

It’s a battle those of us, who believe, live and depend upon the solid God-fearing traditions and rules established by inspired men and women hundreds of years ago; . . . are losing.

This battle is raging in our nation today and winning it sets the direction for our nation’s future. This is the critical battle we must join and win.

It’s time for God fearing, family minded freedom loving patriots to take-a-stand to protect their liberty, freedoms, homes and families!

Author: Michael Meredith

Michael Meredith is the Founder of the Kids Against Drugs Family Network. He is the author and publisher of the "Life's Legacy Pathway" Family Talking System. In 1982 he created the popular "Identi-Child" personal ID system. He has been developing this family oriented and faith based program since 1982.